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Risk engineering guides

Liberty’s risk engineers carefully appraise risks, make recommendations for mitigating loss and help clients improve their risk profile. They have prepared a suite of risk engineering (RE) guides to help business owners plan ahead and prepare their premises and operations for high-risk events - some of which can be anticipated; others not.

The Disaster preparedness series comprises a series of RE guides designed to help business owners prepare for and cope with the unthinkable. The first of these leads business owners through the process of developing an effective disaster recovery and business continuity plan, breaking it down into simple, easy-to-follow steps. The other guides in the Disaster preparedness series relate to specific natural disasters, such as bushfire, flood, tropical cyclone and typhoon, and hail.

Our stand-alone RE guides offer guidance on the safe operation of a business, such as preparing effectively for onsite hot works and fire protection impairment, as well as routine risk-control priorities, such as roof inspections and maintenance. 

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