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Technology underpins the successful operation of businesses across the spectrum, whether that be safely storing customers’ personal information or financial data, connecting with customers through a website (marketing and selling products, servicing, invoicing and transacting), or relying on a network to support day-to-day operations.

In a global business milieu of strict privacy and data protection laws and increasingly prevalent hacking and cyber extortion, businesses suffering a compromise of these technologies are vulnerable to business interruption, lost income, crippling legal penalties and reputational damage.

LIU is poised to help.

At a glance:

  • Protects intangible assets and operating systems
  • Claims made insurance.

First party cover:

  • Loss/damage to digital assets
  • Business interruption
  • Cyber extortion
  • Data protection
  • Reputational harm.

Third party cover:

  • Privacy, confidentiality and security liability
  • Regulation defence, awards and fines
  • Customer care and reputational expense
  • Multimedia liability.
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Liberty International Underwriters a trading name of
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (ABN 61 086 083 605) incorporated in Massachusetts, USA 
(the liability of members is limited).

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